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Message from CEO

Who we are & What we do

I am Jennifer Hanson. I am the owner of Hanson Insurance of Ohio llc. My agency is an upstart located in Cincinnati Ohio. I want to offer more value to my customers than just the insurance agency who collects a check from then at the end of the month.

I want to invest in them as they invest in me. I want to give them the same chance that I am asking from the general public.

My agency will invest in our clients by co-signing for them to get a short-term lease, This investment will allow them to grow. As they grow; we grow in the partnership we forge. Some will fail, others will take advantage of this chance and grow beyond my imagination.

At Hanson Insurance of Ohio llc we sell insurance Auto, Home, Business, Health, and life. So call us and let us give you a free quote.

Recent Case Study

We work alongside national
and international firms

June 2013 Viny Shaw took a job as an engineer with General Electric in Sharonville Ohio.  He was given a salary of 94k per year. He needed to buy a car to get to and from work. So he went to a Toyota Store to lease a car. He was turned down because he did not have any credit in the US and he just got his social security card. They said that he needed a strong co-signer to get the car. Viny was new to America and he had no family to co-sign for him.
I meet him one day and he told me about his problem. I being his friend and neighbor offered to help him get his car by co-signing. Viny made all of his payments on time and paid off his lease 2 years early. Then he asked me if I could help a few more people as I helped him. The need for my help was so great that I decided to help people like Viny full time.
The only way to make it work was if my assistance could make money. So this is why I am starting the Hanson Insurance Agency of Ohio llc. So if my clients agree to buy insurance from me and pay a $1250 fee I can help as many as 1000 people per year get established.

We are passionate about our work We grow with you